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Environmental Monitoring 

Environmental monitoring is designed to help us understand the natural environment and protect it from any negative outcomes of human activity. The process is an integral part of environment impact assessments and results can directly determine whether or not projects are given the all clear.

PRIMEtuitive Education is proud to offer our Introduction to Environmental Monitoring

Program. This interactive, project-based program will teach you the required skills, knowledge

and abilities to begin your career as an Environmental Practitioner. This program will prepare

learners for entry-level field work with First Nations or other governments, industry, field

researchers, or environmental services companies.

Starts : Jan 20, 2020

Ends: Feb 28, 2020

All Indigenous Allowed

(status, Non-status, metis and Inuit) 

Living & transportation Allowance included 

Registration closes:

Sunday January 5, 2020

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