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Security Supervisor

As a security supervisor, your responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, and direct security guards who protect people and property at commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and other facilities. Your duties include scheduling shifts for the guards, coordinating with other personnel or directors, log daily activities, help respond to security situations, and assist law enforcement officers with investigations. 

Program focus areas:
  • Managing employee relations

  • Communication and team development

  • Functional responsibilities of a supervisor 

  • Career planning within the

  • security industry

Program requirements: 

  • Pass criminal record check

  • Valid drivers license

  • Pass criminal record check 

  • Must be 19 or older 

Employment prospects:
  • Retail loss-prevention

  • Security alarm services

  • Uniformed security guard

  • Armoured car services 


People who are new to the security profession are required to take the Basic Security Training to be eligible to apply for a provincial Security Worker License. 

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