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Business & Grant Writing

PRIMEtuitive Education is proud to offer our Introduction to Business Writing, Grants and

Proposal Development. This interactive, project-based program will teach you the required

skills, knowledge and abilities to learn how to navigate the ever changing, complexities of

technology. This program will prepare learners to become familiar, comfortable, and confident

in business writing including writing grants, developing proposals, post grant reporting and

much more! This program is designed for the learner who is interested in learning about how

to write effective, impactful business documents, communicating through writing, learning

about grants, and creating proposals.

Learners will gain foundational knowledge in business writing, and leverage effective writing

tools to create contract proposals, business plans, executive summaries, recommendation

reports and will explore internal business communications. This program will ensure that all

participants are able to convey a credible message, build success and harness professional

communication skills! Don’t miss out on this exciting, practical, and informative program!

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