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Microsoft Essentials 

Level 2

An interactive program intended to expand and develop intermediate proficiencies with computer skills and Microsoft Office 365. Following the completion of the course, students will be able to: Navigate, initiate, organize, and manage email, contacts, calendar appointments in Microsoft Outlook. Students will also be able to confidently navigate through MS Teams, MS office, and MS Excel upon completion

8-week Online Program

May 10th 2023

Each unit will include:

  • Comprehensive learning objectives

  • Detailed demonstrations of assignments

  • Single-skill development

  • Combined-skill development

  • Interactive quizzes

  • Individual feedback and assessments

Learning Objectives covered in this program:

  • Demonstrate Intermediate skills with MS Word and Excel

  • Apply, modify, and create Styles, Themes, and Templates

  • Manage data and tables within complex workbooks

  • Edit and review workbooks

  • Create customized wokrbooks for personal/ professional use

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