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Intro to Social Media & Technology

Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Technology program provides the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes that will assist a person working in the twenty-first century workforce in marketing themselves, their community, organization or business. If you are interested in a career in social media marketing, website development, content development
and technology, this is the program for YOU! This course is designed to give participants the background and foundational understanding of social media marketing and technology.

  • Describe main principles, characteristics of social media

  • Understand the history and trends of social media

  • Describe social networking, social media and the difference between the two

  • Describe crowdsourcing and some of its various forms

  • Describe the benefits, issues and opportunities of social media

Second screen showcasing
  • Distinguish between and explain the characteristics and uses of social media channels

  • Compare and contrast key social networking websites

  • Identify rich media sharing, social bookmarking, location-based social networking

  • Identify social media resources such as blogs, social networks, RSS feeds, podcasts, wikis, photo and video sharing sites

  • Create and maintain a blog using a common blogging platform

Technological Products

This program is interactive, engaging, fun and will assist you in achieving your career goals! All participants will
build a career portfolio upon completion of the program. This is one program you don't want to miss!

All indigenous welcome!

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