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Online Introduction to 

Programming and Technology

This course is designed as a general introduction to the rapidly expanding field of computer science. Through the use of the Visual Basic programming language, students will perform the basics of computer programming including methodologies, structures, and user interfaces, as well as more advanced programming concepts like searching, sorting, and object-oriented programming. This course is designed for learners seeking to
further develop their computer skills and requires some introductory math skills.

Typing on a Computer

6-week program begins January 3, 2022

This program is an intensive 6-
week program designed to prepare
you for a career in computer
programming and technology. We
will explore the areas of Computer
hardware and software, data
storage, programming, using
Python and Java.

In this exciting, interactive, practical and informative online program, participants will learn and explore topics such as:
  •  Understand Computer Programs including

Word, Excel and PPT

  • Learn and explore the benefits of computer


  • Understand the architecture of a computer

  • Explore and Understand programming


  •  Understanding Java, Python and C++

  • Application of Writing, compiling and

  • executing a program

  • Understanding program errors


  • Explore programming for web design

  • Understand the concept of programming

  • Explore and apply the features of a good


  • Learn the systems development cycle

  • Understand the concept, definition, features

and methods of an algorithm

  • Explore careers in computer programming

Open to all Status, Non-Status, Inuit, and Metis

Coding Station
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